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Untitled : A gift to St Helier hospital neonatal unit.

This piece of art has been a long time coming. I’ve been working with it on and off since the beginning of May 2017, playing with colours and orientation, watching themes come and go. Thoughts of rivers flowing and doorways opening have passed through my mind as the work has emerged. Painting this work has been a calming experience, and I’ve been making it with an eye on what the future might hold too.

I had been feeling like a conclusion is drawing near, when I was approached and asked if I’d consider donating an artwork to the family room of the neonatal unit at my local hospital. I agreed, and offered this piece. It’s been accepted and I have now finished it, applying the final brush strokes on October 23rd 2017, which would have been Dad’s 81st birthday. I like the fact I was thinking of someone no longer here, while making art for those just arriving. I hope the artwork brings some calm to those who see it on location. These photographs show the work in progress and at its completion.