Heroes – In my eyes

This latest post in the Heroes series is by the wonderful Queen of UK HR blogging, Alison Chisnell. I just gave her that title, hope she doesn’t mind. As many of you know Alison started blogging after attending the inaugural ConnectingHR unconference and she’s inspired many people with her writing since. This guest post is … Continue reading “Heroes – In my eyes”

Heroes – Emily’s Brother

Emily Stevenson got in touch with a lovely post for our Heroes series. Around this time of year we choose to remember those who have fallen. For those in direct contact with the armed forces, remembrance day can be, and all too often is, every day. Take it away Emily. When somebody asks me who … Continue reading “Heroes – Emily’s Brother”

Heroes – that lady is my hero

Today’s superb guest post is by my good Twitter buddy Chris Fields.┬áChris is an HR professional, with a Master’s from The Ohio State University. He consults and blogs at Cost of Work and you can reach him on Twitter and LinkedIn too. Chris – it’s a pleasure to have you here all the way from … Continue reading “Heroes – that lady is my hero”