The Art of Wellbeing : Passing Strangers

We were talking, passing strangers Moments caught across an empty room Wasted whispers, faded secrets Quickly passes, time goes, time goes by too soon – Passing Strangers : Ultravox The Art of Wellbeing We gathered together, a group of curious people, many of us meeting for the first, and only time. We talked in response to … Continue reading “The Art of Wellbeing : Passing Strangers”

Experiments in Wellbeing – Appreciation

I’m writing this post on the morning of day two of the CIPD annual conference and exhibition. I’m here working with Meg Peppin providing opportunities for conference delegates to reflect and connect, experiment and enjoy good conversation. The experience is enjoyable, in part because I am being mindful of the need to appreciate the curiosity … Continue reading “Experiments in Wellbeing – Appreciation”

Experiments in Wellbeing – Meditation

Meditation. Noun, often used by tree huggers as an excuse for sitting around and not doing any work. Get a job you slacker. I used to think meditation was a waste of time, and I held this point of view despite never having tried it. As part of carrying out the 100HappyDays experiment, I began … Continue reading “Experiments in Wellbeing – Meditation”