A Positive Customer Experience, Part One

I commute by bike into London when I can. Well today, I had to resort to the train (booo).

When I got to the station the newspaper guy spotted me coming and already had my paper ready. I haven’t seen him for weeks. That proactive service gave us a few seconds to talk. We talked about working over Christmas, he suggested I cycle in on the days he is closed (well he can’t sell me a paper when he’s not open). We wished each other a Happy Christmas. I also bought two other things (unplanned). Good work newspaper guy.

I want to ask you a question:

Can you please share with us the very best customer experience that has happened to you in the past few weeks? It’s got to be a great one, no whingers or misery guts for now, that comes later!

Hurry up now, don’t be shy 🙂