8 thoughts on “What’s the least I can do today to make a positive impact?”

  1. Everyday of my life I always give a warm smile to the people I meet everyday. It is said that a smile eases tension and may brighten the other person’s mood. 🙂

  2. …and here’s another idea I was sent via LinkedIn:

    “have you tried courtesy on the road? Let people in when you can and you spread a virus, which affects others who all start behaving in a considerate way.”

    Thanks to Quentin for this one.

  3. Plenty more coming in now…

    Smiling in one word! That’s the minimum!

    Showing an interest in every person you meet and connecting and acknowleging them. Our society has a durth of people craving time and attention and Facebook Friends and Twitter tweets aren’t going to scratch this itch.

    Since many people lack it from their busy stressed families, employers are the obvious place. Another task for the employer brand to achieve and a very important one!?

  4. Three more for you…

    “Show you care for someone as a fellow human, not a work colleague, partner, boss, shop assistant, traffic warden (OK, maybe not that one)”


    “The smallest of actions, is nobler than the grandest of intentions (Robin Sharma).

    I actually find being able to apologise to my team – when I make an error, and also inform them what should have occured, gives them a more positive mindset – means they realise it is ok to make a mistake – but they also own the solution.

    the small things of please and thank you’s goes a long way as well! but a danger is to praise too frequently!”

  5. Wow! Maybe Friday is creative day – last one for now. I should say that whilst I like these comments, they aren’t mine – they have been donated by lots of lovely people on LinkedIn.

    “Be There. And want to be there. Listen, with both ears.”

  6. Make your default answer “yes”, not “no”.

    Enthusiasm is incredibly motivating for other people, but cynicism or negativity is death to any good idea.

    Sadly cynicism is easy, and looks like wisdom or experience to some.

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