Experiments in Wellbeing – Presence, Honesty and Kindness

I was fortunate to be a part of the Workstock team at this year’s Workplace Trends conference. Workstock is a ‘pop up’ event within an event. It’s the brainchild of Neil Usher and this year – Workstock was a series of pecha kuchas (roller coaster presentations using a fixed format of 20 slides each on … Continue reading “Experiments in Wellbeing – Presence, Honesty and Kindness”

Experiments in Wellbeing – Matters of the Heart

I’m giving a short talk on my current experiences of meditation at Workplace Trends this week. As part of this wellbeing experiment, I’ve been using an emwave device made by a company called HeartMath. The emwave measures certain physiological outputs to help determine how I respond to different scenarios when sitting at my desk. The … Continue reading “Experiments in Wellbeing – Matters of the Heart”

Experiments in Wellbeing – Acts of Kindness

Ty Sullivan is one of my friends over in the USA. Today, he and others are starting a 30 day random acts of kindness pledge. Ty is inviting others to join in, optionally using the hashtag #OneGoodThing. Having previously enjoyed the #100HappyDays and the #RWRunStreak experiments, I’m going to give this one a go too, … Continue reading “Experiments in Wellbeing – Acts of Kindness”