Experiments in Wellbeing – Happiness Is…?

What is Wellbeing? A group of us met recently at Herman Miller‘s London showroom to discuss and explore The Art and Science of Wellbeing. I’m aware from many previous conversations and blog posts that wellbeing is a broad subject so prior to the event, I sketched ‘what is wellbeing?’ This sketch isn’t intended to be the answer – … Continue reading “Experiments in Wellbeing – Happiness Is…?”

Experiments in Wellbeing – Alcohol

It was not my intention for this story to be the next public step of my wellbeing experiment, but I feel like it needs telling, so here we go. A Creature of Habit I like a drink. Occasionally I’ll have a drink every day during a week, though I usually go without for two or three … Continue reading “Experiments in Wellbeing – Alcohol”