Red Hot Customer Experience

Last week this guy went into a high street shop to buy his lunch. He picked up a salad and a drink and joined the huge queue for the tills. He had walked a few minutes to the store and he figured by the time he put the food back and thought some more about where to go next, he might as well stay and queue. This guy is curious so he starts asking people in the queue why they are prepared to queue for so long and how do they feel about it. They offered loads of useful replies, all accompanied by a smile. The guy got to the front of the queue, where he was dealt with swiftly. He left the store, noting that the queue had grown even more.

As he walked back to the office the guy thought, what a powerful brand, people willing to queue for several minutes to hand over their cash. Later that day the guy wrote a brief note about his experience and sent it to the Chairman of the company. The Chairman replied, quickly and briefly. In summary he thanked the guy and said he would get the retail boys onto it.

Nothing happened for two whole days.

Yesterday the guy got a call from the Retail Director of the company. He thanked the guy for his note to the Chairman. He then told the guy exactly what was being done to help speed customers through the store and reduce queuing times. He then gave the guy his personal contact details and asked the guy to please, keep in touch and keep the feedback coming.

The guy was seriously impressed.

What was the name of the shop where the guy bought his lunch?
Do you have an experience of a senior leader in your company who does this? I do – I’ll tell you about the one I know later.

Author: Doug Shaw

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4 thoughts on “Red Hot Customer Experience”

  1. Doug

    trying to read between the lines as to what corporate sandwich shop this may be, M&S or Boots as retailers who have branched into the area, or specific sandwich shops / coffee bars (think of starbucks etc)

    However, when I worked in London, people were always queuing for Pret A manger – must have been something they put in their carrot cake! had a quick look on the website and it shows customer service mails can go to the founder and MD….

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