River Wandle

On a recent stroll along a section of the River Wandle, I spied a kingfisher. I’ve been fortunate to see a few of these beautiful birds in the last few months – and this time we sat and watched each other for a few minutes. When I got home I wanted to capture a sense of the river, so I mixed up some shades of blue and green acrylic paint and got some A4 rough texture water colour paper ready.

I made a finger painting as I thought about how I wanted to represent the river, then I divided a sheet of paper into a rectangular pattern and using brushes this time, randomly applied the shades I had mixed.

River Wandle.jpg
River Wandle

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These works have now been sold, with a portion of the sale going to support the excellent work done by Arts Emergency. I really enjoyed painting these.

If you like this painting you can buy a small mounted print of it from my Etsy shop. The print is a limited edition of 50.

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