Thinking and working like an artist requires curiosity, and a willingness to do things differently. The arts are an ideal lens through which to conduct an inquiry into our work. When we seek new ideas, new and different ways to do things, we often get hung up on, and limited by a need for certainty. Art is subjective, and it lends itself to a multi faceted, open dialogue about how we can make work better together. In this context, we are all artists.

I work with businesses who want to improve performance through smarter exploration and use of creativity, collaboration, and communication. I work with teams and organisations, frequently using the arts as a lens through which to learn and work. This creative approach helps cocreate and deliver improvements within a wide range of organisations throughout the UK, Europe, USA, The Middle East and Australia.

The people and teams I work with are often successful, curious, and at least a little adventurous. They display collaborative leadership qualities, regardless of their hierarchical position within their business, and are looking for ways to make good work even better.

Connecting different groups of people is a vital part of my work. I enjoy using a mix of conversational techniques, technology, and artistic methods to help you make work better. People often ask for my help when they want to achieve something collaborative and creative, and they want to do this with each other, rather than to each other.

Each engagement I undertake is uniquely crafted and bespoke to meet your particular demands, and when required, I work with a close, trusted group of associates to ensure we have the right depth and breadth of experience to meet your needs.

If you believe your work could be even better, and you are willing and interested in doing things differently, please get in touch. I’d love to work with you.