Leadership and People Development

My Approach to Working With You

I believe that the best communities inside and outside of organisations, create power by doing things with each other, not to each other, and I seek to incorporate that belief throughout my learning approach. When we work together, this belief enables us to integrate universal learning with specific, personal experiences and application.

When I work with you, I engage people through questioning, listening, and collaborative and creative working in the context of the individual learners and their management community.

I believe everyone deserves to be treated with with respect and appreciation. Appreciation does not mean complacent approval, but does mean recognition of the many complex forces that people contain, the range of experiences that they embody and difficulties they can present when trying to change behaviour. I do not believe that people resist change so much as they resist having change imposed upon them, so the best way to influence change is to educate people in order to raise their awareness and to invite them to co-create change together.

I believe that empowerment is best achieved through education, setting clear levels of guidance and autonomy and supporting people to exercise their judgement through prompt feedback and coaching support.

My experience and appreciative approach enables me to engage leaders at a practical level to understand and apply universal principles to their specific challenges. My expertise in customer service, leading the co-creation of change, adult learning, dialogue and group facilitation means I am confidently able to deliver a uniquely valuable programme for you.

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