Principles of Work

These principles are things you can expect of me when we work together, you may wish to reciprocate some of them. They are not set in stone, I make small adjustments as time goes by. Here is where I currently am on this journey.

Doug Shaw

Who is Doug Shaw?

I am the Founder of the consultancy practice, What Goes Around. Prior to setting up this business in 2009 I worked in a global role for one of the UK’s largest employers – firstly in sales, then in their sustainability practice before moving to lead change management and employee engagement. Now, I help people make work better.

I advise a wide range of businesses and business leaders on how to make work more effective, productive and enjoyable through smarter, more collaborative work practices. I speak at conferences all over the world, write for a number of publications and since April 2016 I’ve been running a community art project.

I’m fascinated by people’s inherent creative abilities, and I love working to make it easier for people to unleash their creativity, and to bring the best of themselves to work.

Connecting people and establishing a sense of community is a vital part of my work. My clients tell me that working with me is invigorating, and they like the way I help to unlock the knowledge in their people, and encourage them to do things differently.

People typically hire me for one or more of the following things: Facilitation (particularly large groups), Collaboration, Culture Change, Organisational Development, Creativity, Listening, Community Development, Blogging, International Public Speaking.

I frequently work with a few trusted partners in order to offer clients access to a wider range of collaborative, creative experiences.