Who is Doug Shaw?

I work as a freelance consultant and artist, often combining the two practices. Prior to setting up this business in 2009 I worked in a global role for one of the UK’s largest employers – firstly in sales, then in their sustainability practice before moving to lead change management and employee engagement.

I work with a wide range of people, teams, and organisations, exploring how to get better at working with uncertainty, in order to make work more effective, productive and enjoyable. I speak at conferences all over the world, write for a number of publications and since April 2016 I’ve been running a community art project.

I’m fascinated by people’s inherent creative abilities, and I love working with people to explore and enable their creativity.

Connecting people and establishing a sense of community is a vital part of my work. My clients tell me that working with me is invigorating, and they like the way I help to unlock the knowledge in their people, and encourage them to do things differently.

People typically hire me for one or more of the following things: Facilitation (particularly large groups), Collaboration, Culture Change, Organisational Development, Creativity, Listening, Community Development, Blogging, International Public Speaking.

I’m also a Partner and Artist In Residence with GameShift, a specialist collaboration that exists to address organisational challenges through positive and lasting systems change. We do this by helping people work together rigorously, creatively and practically to deliver exceptional outcomes. This GameShift connection is really helpful as it gives you access to a breadth of specialist practice and knowledge when you need it – and it’s great for my own development and sense of wellbeing too.