Here are some of the organisations I work with – what they have to say about what we do together, and more importantly, how we do it.

Client Logos

Diane Taylor-Cummings – Director of Project Management Excellence for IP & Science, Thomson Reuters

‘Doug is an expert Unconference Facilitator and Community Builder. His facilitation style is personable, down-to-earth and warm with a dash of dry humour that was consistently a great hit with our global project management audiences. His Unconference expertise both before, during and after our global events were absolutely key to their success. Add to the mix Doug’s expertise in Social Media, Pecha Kuchas, World Cafes, general Social Engagement, and his ability to Connect and you have a unique combination. Highly recommended.’

Anthony Allinson – VP Operations, Thomson Reuters

Doug accelerated the development of our Project Management Community. Actually – he put a rocket up it!

Mark Catchlove – Insight Group Director EMEA, Herman Miller

I engaged Doug to work on a recent project where we gathered more than 20 key clients and designers in the grounds of Windsor Castle. The subject we discussed was Social Capital. Doug handled the subject sensitively, and also allowed the conversation and interaction to flow freely. His preparation and commitment were evident before and during the event, I look forward to working with Doug again.

Richard Leaman – CEO, Guide Dogs. This feedback was received after we associated with Humap to deliver a UK wide stakeholder engagement review for Guide Dogs.

‘Humap and What Goes Around have brought their relevant stakeholder engagement experience, a proven and creative dialogic approach to engagement, and the resources necessary to deliver the audit to a high standard. Their passion and knowledge regarding engagement has meant that Guide Dogs has a real insight into its stakeholders, their views and attitudes. This in turn has given us the ability to review and reshape our stakeholder engagement strategy. The resulting output means that Guide Dogs will be able to make a difference to many more blind and partially sighted people in the UK.’

John Costello – CTO, Careergro

‘Working with Doug is a great experience. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to work with an original thinker, good listener and practical implementer. In addition to these traits, Doug brought deep industry experience and knowledge around current and new developments in HR.’

Flora Marriott – Learning and Development Manager, Yell Adworks

‘Doug has done valuable work for us at Yell. He has helped many of our newer managers to feel more confident in their roles, to manage themselves and others more effectively, and to work better as a team. He’s a very flexible facilitator, he has the skills and confidence to generate an agenda on the fly so that he can totally meet the needs of the group he is working with. Also, Doug did a great job facilitating an internal conference for us.

All of this sounds quite run of the mill, quite normal consultancy work. However, it doesn’t really describe the intangible, the way Doug is such a great listener and is so non egotistical enables him to connect with and inspire people. The way he truly cares about us as a client and delivers far more than people normally do. The way he is prepared to take risks and challenge. The way that he is a whole lot of fun to be around. All adds up to… someone I feel very lucky to have met. Like finding an amazing place to go on holiday, I kind of don’t want to write a recommendation for fear that he’ll become so busy that he won’t have time for us anymore. But that would be selfish.’

Katherine Wiid, Recrion

‘I have worked with Doug on some of the change management initiatives he spearheaded at BT and am full of admiration for his enthusiasm and positive mindset. Always keen to learn and collaborate, Doug encourages communication and action in the workplace. His attitude to work is a rare and valuable asset.’

Nigel Bird, West Sussex County Council

‘Doug is highly dedicated to providing excellent customer service. He has an infectious and dynamic enthusiasm which, coupled with his engaging and fun personality, inspires people to get things done.’

Lee Robinson, Rackspace

‘Doug is engaging, passionate and committed to making businesses a better place to be. Not content to sit on the sidelines and moan about the things he thinks need to be improved, he’ll actually do something to make a real difference to the problem. Even better than that, his enthusiasm is so infectious, he rallies others to the cause ensuring that change can actually happen.’

Claire Horrocks, Notting Hill Housing

‘Your enthusiasm was lovely and most affirming for our people. I loved the graph, the photo evaluation and the flip charts. A follow up session would be lovely.’

Jonathan Wilson, Humap

‘Doug’s success comes from his interest and enthusiasm for people coupled with his professional commitment and persistence in achieving the ambitious targets that he sets for himself and his teams. He asks more questions and engages in more real dialogue than just about any one I know in sales or leadership roles. This engages his customers and teams and enables him to customise solutions to clients’ exact needs. He delivers on his promises, which builds great trust. Best of all, Doug is a practical doer who gets on and makes things happen.’

Eric Anderson, BT

‘I found Doug’s enthusiasm and energy infectious, and particularly dynamic when coupled with his pragmatism and drive to put in place effective solutions to some thorny problems. He clearly shows his commitment to the task at hand in his actions. I’ve always found him open-minded, and willing to think in bold ways, to challenge the status quo when required. I’ve often used Doug as a sounding-board for my ideas and have always received perceptive advice from him in return. Most of all, I enjoy the sense of teamwork and fun he creates in the people around him which is all too often lost amid the pressures in the business to perform.’