I have extensive experience in designing, co-creating and helping to deliver a wide range of opportunities to help motivate and retain the kind of people you need to make your organisation a great place to work. And I often work with you, your customers and other stakeholders too, bringing you closer together to co-create a lasting and mutually valuable experience.

Collective Conversations

My experience in influencing change shows me that people do not resist change so much as they resist change that is imposed upon them. I use this experience to facilitate group dialogue as the starting point for successful change.

A conventional way to seek understanding would be to bring in ‘expert’ consultants, possibly to work with an internal team, to produce reports for the senior team to decide on and then ‘roll out’ over the organisation.  This is expensive and usually takes more time than you have. It is also unlikely to deliver the changes you need within the time and budget that you have.

In fact, your organisation already knows much more than it realises. It is full of people who have observations, experience, memories, thoughts and insights into how it can deliver excellent service, and probably save money and time by simplifying its procedures. All we need to do is to engage those people and invite them to co-create ways to simplify systems to make the operations more reliable, responsive, cost-effective, and service improving. The way to engage them is through dialogue, not talking at them, but asking them, listening to them and showing them that their input is valued and that people are acting mindfully upon it.

I know this works. I am very confident that you will get remarkable results from the first intervention and that your organisation will get even more results as more people experience and respond to the process.

I know the potential for service improvement, saving costs and increasing morale and engagement is often much greater than immediately apparent and that I can show you how this can be achieved relatively quickly and cheaply.


I can help you plan your communications, from a simple workshop to establish some free flowing dialogue, through to a strategic plan including integration of a wide range of social media tools.

When required, I work with a couple of independent organisations who can provide short, relevant employee attitude, 360 feedback, customer satisfaction and other surveys to improve your understanding of the employee and customer experience. I then work with you to identify and help implement improvements. Vitally, I can help you to ensure the communication continues to flow through the organisation and beyond. This means your people and your customers will know what they have told you, and what you are doing as a result. I recently worked on an existing employee attitude survey, reducing the number of questions and the associated time to complete by almost 50%. This had a dramatic effect on completion levels and allowed the client to improve the flow of information. In turn this reduced tactical action planning and created much stronger links between the survey output and real business priorities.

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