The work I do at What Goes Around enables you, your people and your business to be more effective through understanding and applying creative practice to work. I work with organisations in the private sector, not for profit, and public sector to find better, smarter ways of working with colleagues, customers and suppliers alike. Connecting people is a vital part of my work, and I frequently help people develop communities of practice in and around their organisations. If building stronger connections matters to you too, then get in touch here or just call me on 07736 518066, I’d love to help you make your work even better.

The Work

  • Getting Stuff Done

A simple and effective process for achieving goals and successfully completing projects.

Generate great ideas > Make commitments > Enthusiasm decays > Commitment failure occurs

Meetings, workshops, away days, conferences. We’ve all been there, all experienced that sense of commitment in the moment, and watched the enthusiasm fade almost as soon as we’re back at our desk. What seemed like a great idea, a fantastic plan, a wonderfully motivating session, quickly fades out. We think the motivation to act is a precious commodity, with an incredibly short half-life. Unless actions are agreed, and acted upon quickly, we get overwhelmed in the day to day, and the change we want to see, fails to materialise. It doesn’t have to be like that, we can help you turn intent into action. We can help you nurture a way of working that is more grown up.

  • Management, leadership and team development: Working with new and experienced managers to improve collaboration, listening and other key leadership skills.
  • Art for Work’s Sake: A unique approach to help you find greater effectiveness, meaning and enjoyment in your work, through an artistic lens.
  • Consulting: includes having better conversations, social, internal and external communication strategy, community of practice development, involving staff in decision making, connecting staff and customers, dealing with uncertainty and conflict, increasing effectiveness.

Method and Approach

I believe that the best communities inside and outside of organisations, create power by doing things with and for each other, not to each other, and together, we seek to incorporate that belief throughout our learning approach. This belief enables us to integrate universal learning with specific, personal experiences and application.

This learning style dynamically engages people through questioning, listening, and collaborative and creative working in the context of the individual people and their workplace communities.

I believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and appreciation. Appreciation does not mean complacent approval, but does mean recognition of the many complex forces that people contain, the range of experiences that they embody and difficulties they can present when trying to change behaviour. I do not believe that people resist change so much as they resist having change imposed upon them, so the best way to influence change is to educate people in order to raise their awareness and to invite them to co-create change together.

The work I do shows me that empowerment is best achieved through cocreation, setting clear levels of guidance and autonomy and supporting people to exercise their judgment through prompt feedback.

Value For Money

My customers say the work we design and deliver together creates great value. So when we’re agreeing our work together, we will agree what you think good value looks like and I will do my very best to meet that for you. We review our projects together regularly and you will never get a bill for work you haven’t approved in advance.

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