Engagement in One Sentence

We’ve had a fantastic response to this small and important challenge, including loads of input at Is Bad Behaviour Killing Big Business? Here are a few more inspiring suggestions for you to read and share:

I feel that even where I don’t have control over what needs to change, I have ownership of how we change it.

Joy Fletcher

It provides the emotional attachment, sense of belonging and shared mission of success.

Barry Millar

It gets me out of bed with a spring in my step, to come to work to do something meaningful for our customers and where, at the end of the day, I can say with pride “I made a difference”.

Jo Upward


Engagement in One Sentence

Inspired by some of the great work being done by David Zinger and friends, I would like to pose you a simple question:

Please describe in one sentence, what it feels like to be engaged, connected, with your organisation?

I’ve already asked a few people, including our CEO, Ian Livingston. He said:

To me, it means REALLY caring about BT, its people and customers.

Are you proud of BT? Do you take personal responsbility? Do you help drive change?

Cool, I got a great answer and three more questions, thanks very much for taking the time to engage.

Here’s another, and I love this one:

Scared, on the edge, but ready for the challenge to make this company a success for all of us.

I am asking this question in a number of other places, unsurprisingly one of these is our Linkedin Group “Is Bad Behaviour Killing Big Business?”. I will share the responses with you here, there and everywhere.

Go on, have a go, liberate just one sentence.

Insuring an Excellent Customer Experience

Haven’t done one of these outright positive experience stories for a while. This story was told to me recently and I just loved it. Hope you do too.

I think I just experienced perfect contact centre service. Thank you Jo Mountain of Howdens Insurance.

I wanted a quote for my professional experience. Howdens had been recommended. I phoned and got ready to read something while waiting to listen to the automated message that precedes the IVR to get through to any insurance company these days. Fingers ready for the phone to get through fast.

A lady answered straight away. A real one who spoke real sense and asked sensible questions. She explained the options and the implications. The costs were lower than I had been paying elsewhere. She gave me helpful advice about the level of cover I really needed. She told me the most they had had to pay out in twenty years. She didn’t play on my fears, just helped me take a business decision. She didn’t rush me and the whole transaction, including payment, took just over four minutes. I don’t think she was counting, but I was, for interest!

She was the right person in the right job, in the right culture creating real value.

Thanks again, Jo Mountain and Howdens!

Jonathan Wilson