Signals – Part One

Hi folks – my focus has been elsewhere so it’s been a while since I painted…

Hi folks – my focus has been elsewhere so it’s been a while since I painted. Yesterday I was goofing around with some new ink based pencils and made this godawful pattern, don’t worry I shan’t inflict it on you. It took me hours to construct and it was total crap. Or was it? You see – what this crap piece of work did was progress me towards a better idea. That better idea is titled Signals – Part One. I hope to evolve this pattern idea further, to me it is something about digital meets analogue, geometric meets irregular. I hope you like it and it is good to be back. This work has been mailed to someone in Tulsa, USA.



I have relented. I though perhaps it may help to show you the two previous ideas that helped to generate Signals #1. Sorry for the pinky colour – I photographed them in poor light but I hope you get the general idea.


Learning to Paint – Croyde Bay

I’ve been away near Croyde for the weekend with a big group of friends. In between beers I had a go at trying to paint the landscape. This is a view towards the bayside painted on the beach. It was a blowy day and the picture, paints and other stuff kept flying around. It was almost impossible to mix colours on the plastic plate I’d brought with me (yup that kept flying away too), and I think I need to buy some….grassier greens.

There’s a lot I don’t like about this picture though some of the folks I was away with were very encouraging about it. I found it very difficult to capture something so….big, I’m hoping things will improve as I gain confidence.