Power In The Darkness : What Now and What Next?

What Now?

Led by Keira

We came home on Monday to find Keira had made a poster and stuck it on the front of our house. Her work has inspired me to cut a version of the fist stencil from Power In The Darkness.

I’m drafting a letter to our MP asking him to speak out about racism. I showed Keira the letter, she read it and said, ‘it’s good’ before telling me she’s already been in touch with our MP.

We’re now figuring out what to do next in this household, and while we do that figuring out, we’ve shown some support to community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organisers operating in the USA. We’ve been throwing coins in a jar for a while for some summer spending money, and Keira suggested we use some of that. She’s a kind, fierce friend – Carole and I are fortunate to have such a lovely daughter. ?

What Next?

Art As An Instrument of Change

While we figure out what to do to stay active in pursuit of racial justice and equality, I used the newly cut stencil to make a piece of art today – and I’m giving it away as a virtual free art drop. If you like it, all you need to do is send an email to freeartdrop@consultingartist.com and your name will go into the hat for the draw to win this signed piece of art. Entries close at midnight UK time on Wednesday 10th June and the draw will be made on Thursday 11th June.

How About You?

If you are having conversations and taking action on how to make this world a safer, fairer place, please tell us what you’re up to, I’d love to hear from you. And if you are still figuring it out – feel free to follow the link above and consider a donation in the meantime. I’m sure your help will be appreciated. Thank you.