It's the write time, it's now

What do you do when the chips are down, it’s midnight, you’re frazzled and you need inspiration, motivation? Do tell, inspire me please!

Ok, here’s the deal. Today I agreed to co-write my first book. Cool. I’m excited. I love stories.

I need to get a final draft to the editor by next Friday. Yep. Next Friday. Things can move real fast out here. I thought I could be quite zippy when @ BT, not really.

The adventure starts on Monday and the next few days are going to be really different for me, I expect there will be panic buttons pushed too. I will try to find a few minutes each day to scribble down how I’m feeling and what I’ve learned in those precious, 24 hours.

Quote of the day

I pinched this from The Independent newspaper.

The bonus system has proved to be wrong. Substantial cash bonuses do not reward the right kind of behaviour.

Andy Hornby, former CEO, HBOS.

You don’t say! Doubtless such profound insight is worth all the money he trousered then? We’ve been working on something which proves Mr Hornby, and others to be right on the mark. Shame it took such upheaval to get this issue front of brain. Come back tomorrow and we’ll share our first thoughts with you.