Celebrate A Life

Today is the first anniversary of Dad’s death. I miss him of course, and I’m not grieving today – I’m celebrating.

Thank you Dad for being there to pick Keira up from school and look after her while I work

Thank you Dad for being proud of me, and for telling me so

Thank you Dad for helping me to see it’s more important to tell it straight than to try and be liked

Thank you Dad, for being you

I don’t know about you but I tend to shy away from positive feedback, particularly receipt of it. So perhaps I’m taking the easy way out today by celebrating someone who can’t answer back. Regardless of my own hangups, I’m sure you know someone special you can acknowledge today, someone out there would love to hear from you. Be bold, celebrate a life.

After Someone Dies

After someone dies, we uncover many things, and we remember many things too. I’m uncovering and learning just how much Dad was involved in and supported his local community, it’s quite overwhelming. And I’m rememberingĀ Dad’s love of music. Skiffle and early rock (he was a big Lonnie Donegan fan), and traditional jazz were high on his list. If you have two minutes, take a look at this old video of Lonnie Donegan. It is raw energy, imagine how exciting it was to hear this for the first time in 1960.

After someone dies, as you start to go through paperwork and make the necessary arrangements, you often stumble across previously unseen stuff. IĀ found Dad’s army discharge certificate last night. About him, it says:

Sgt Shaw has served with this regiment for the past two years. Right from his early days as a recruit, he showed tremendous promise and strength of character. All his work is marked by attention to detail, conscientious effort and enthusiasm. Completely loyal, trustworthy and of sober habits, he sets himself very high standards. A most reliable man who should be completely successful in his chosen profession.

Sergeant Shaw

After someone dies you are reminded of the power of friendship. The loss of a dear friend hurts, and the support of dear friends is powerful and vital. Thank you so much to everyone who has been in touch. It matters – and it’s sincerely appreciated.