Continuing the Acrylic Printing Experiment

In November 2014 I had a go at using acrylic paint and paper using a kind of monotype process. I didn’t like the results at the time – but in time that work came to be quite significant to me. I used parts of the acrylic prints as a backdrop for my various Art and Soul of Better Work presentations in Europe and the USA last year, before splitting the work into four smaller pieces and giving it to friends – retaining one piece for myself.

Carole and I were recently invited to a friend’s birthday. I wanted to make our friends a gift and decided to revisit this acrylic printing technique again. Here’s the design I came up with.

Acrylic Printing.jpg

There are three people in the family, each family member is represented on the painting as a group of printed paint shapes. The painting is surrounded by a simple white wooden frame. There is no glass in the frame – the thickness of the acrylic doesn’t allow for it and pressing the painting up to the glass would probably ruin the peaks caused by the printing technique.

These two close up photographs show the paint recently applied and still wet, and later after drying.

I really enjoyed painting, printing and framing this, I like the blend of intention and surprise the technique produces.

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