Japanese Cherry Blossom

There’s a tree outside my window, currently full of blossom. On Sunday I went for a walk in the neighbourhood and saw blossom everywhere. On returning home, I remembered I had a winter tree sketch made a few weeks ago, sitting in my ‘unfinished business’ pile. I mixed up some pinks, whites, and reds, and carefully brought the winter tree into a new season.


I shared this new Spring tree on Facebook, then put it in my Etsy shop, where it sold about fifteen seconds after I’d listed it. Head spinning stuff! I’ve since listed a short run, limited edition print of 30 which have started to sell too. Maybe it’s just the timeliness of the image, but whatever it is, I’ve not experienced such a strong and fast positive reaction to my work before now. Thank you to everyone who has shared this image online, and given such encouraging feedback. I appreciate your support.

One thought on “Japanese Cherry Blossom”

  1. Adrian Thirkell has kindly written this poem to accompany the Japanese Cherry Blossom. Thanks Adrian.

    The morning tree is hung, profuse, in blossom.
    Speaks from every budding flower
    Of how, notwithstanding that a vial of poison
    May leech us of our love, turn all things sour,
    We may find ourselves again renewed,
    And from each cast of air strewn light
    Absorb upon the skin, then through and through,
    The means to our own blossoming, and free of blight.
    And then we wake to more transcendent mood;
    Each bloom, unfettered, calls the spirit up.
    To speak, we make emollients of every word
    And every touch distills the petals’ sap.

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