Signals – Part Two

Just over two years ago, I rattled off a sketch titled Signals – Part One. I’d always intended that sketch to be part of an ongoing series, exploring the tension between digital and analogue, regular and irregular. It’s taken me a while – but here, finally, is Signals – Part Two, complete in a little oak frame.

Signals - Part Two
Signals – Part Two

In this sketch, the regular is represented in the straight lines (initially drawn using a ruler) leading out from the top right hand side of the sketch. The fan lines are drawn freehand, and then blue acrylic paint has been splurged and brushed into each tick, or v shape. Lastly – the small hint of orange water colour is there to represent a little dissonance in the signal, a bit like the hiss and crackle on a vinyl record.

This sketch has been mailed to someone in Derbyshire, and who knows – maybe a Part Three will be along sometime…

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  1. I love this, Doug. I’d noticed it unframed, among other works, in an image posted a day or two back. It is enjoyable and rewarding to explore a variety of methods to communicate and seek meaning.

    1. Hi – thanks for your comment and thanks for noticing the picture among a bunch of others. I think your point about exploring different methods to communicate and seek meaning is fab – I wish I’d thought of putting this experiment in such a way before now. Great stuff.

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