Map My Art : Can You Help?

I’ve painted quite often since I last posted here, and I’ll get round to sharing my recent work soon. Whilst painting I’ve been thinking more and more about where my art is, geographically. I’m in the process of trying to map my art. I’ve set up a page on Google Maps where I can record the various locations of my art around the world. It’s a work in progress, here’s where I have got to so far (click the map image if you want to see things in more detail).

Current locations of my art around the world

If you have some of my art, feel free to get in touch and tell the the country, town/city where the art is, and I’ll update my records. Coincidentally, here’s a doodle of where some hidden treasure is buried. I sketched this years ago and came upon it again while setting up the map project.



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