Minden Calling : European Adventures

A few weeks ago I wrote about the free art project extending into Europe. Since then, I’ve accepted a kind invitation to show some of my art at an exhibition in Minden, Germany.

Minden is one of the towns twinned with our borough, and next March there will be an arts festival to celebrate Minden’s 40th anniversary of town twinning. I’m choosing to show some works from my I Guardian series, which is an exploration of mental health and the human condition. Earlier today I sent off my submission to the exhibition catalogue. This is a first for me, and I can’t quite believe it’s happening. I’m excited and grateful, and a great reminder to me of the importance of some of what I learn through my free art project, namely:

Be curious. Start something. Keep going.

In case you are interested, here are the works I’ll be showing next March. I use the words ‘I’ll be showing’ quite intentionally, because I’ll be at the exhibition when it opens.

Waiting To Hold You. This piece represents forgiveness.
Halo Effect. This piece represents inner peace.
I Believe In You Believe In Me. This piece represents trust.

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

2 thoughts on “Minden Calling : European Adventures”

    1. Thanks Ian!! I was recently looking at some figures relating to my artistic practice, and while this is a very young, small project, it is growing. I guess the real test for a return on investment comes if and when a secondary market arises? My prices have risen, and it would be interesting to see if someone were to sell a piece I made early on, back in 2015, what that might fetch now? I expect we could measure any gain in terms of pints of beer rather than anything more extravagant?! Cheers.

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