Johnsons Revisited

Many moons ago I used to be a customer of Johnsons Dry Cleaners but their service wasn’t great, and then they famously mucked two of my friends around something rotten. I wrote a song and blog about this and my friends shared it with Johnsons and they chose (as is their right of course) to ignore the song and my friends requests for help. And I chose to unsubscribe and take my business elsewhere. Since the song went online I’ve had a steady stream of visitors to my site searching for things like ‘Johnsons poor customer service’, but aside from that, peace has reigned for some time and all has been well.

Earlier this week, this arrived in my inbox.

Johnsons unsolicited email

 At the top of this email it says: ‘At Johnsons we never send out unsolicited e-mail  communications’

I didn’t ask for this email – it is therefore unsolicited. I admire Johnsons seemingly persistent ability to do dumb things to customers. And I guess I should thank them too. Why? Well I figured they’ve given me a reason to bring their song around one more time.

Taken to the Cleaners by Johnsons

Author: Doug Shaw

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