Principles of Work

There are two reasons for today’s post.

Reason #1

New Toy

I’ve been playing with something called Haiku Deck. It’s like PowerPoint, only simpler, primarily because it helps you get back to the idea of using a presentation more like a storyboard, or a backdrop, rather than a set of bullet point speaker notes (yawn!). I can’t be the only one who despairs when someone giving a talk uses their slides as an autocue? One of the things I love about Haiku Deck is you can enter keywords about your slides, and Haiku Deck will search a huge library of free and paid for images, to act as visual sparks for those keywords. I’m keen to share cool stuff I come cross, so why not head on over to Haiku Deck, register for an account and have a play.

Reason #2

Principles of Work

I’ve been asking people what it feels like to work with us. And I say us, because I frequently work with partners, and a lot of what I and we do is informed by many people. I wasn’t looking for company values as such, that feels too grown up, and too solid. Instead – what I’ve been looking for is a few principles, feelings perhaps, that help describe what you might expect when working with us, based on the experience of others. It’s developmental and adaptable, so what do you think is missing? What might you change? And if this idea is helpful to you, why not steal it and give it a go yourself?

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

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