We’re Jamming

The office is closed today. A group of us are meeting in Greenwich London for a Facilitation Jam. I am confident it will create lots of challenge and useful fun, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you soon.

In the meantime (geddit…Greenwich…meantime, never mind), can you find a little time to try something different today? Have fun.


Are you free on January 18th and 19th? If you are – you might like to read on. If you are not – then maybe go and read this piece by Neil Morrison instead? It’s very good. Anyway – back to the 18th and 19th of January…

Would you like the opportunity to spend a couple of days experimenting and honing your facilitation skills? A few of us are having a co-created facilitation jam session on Friday 18th January and the morning of Saturday 19th January 2013, we have one place left to bring the group up to nine people (it’s a magic number don’t you know), and we’d like to invite you to join us.

The event will be quite free flowing with no one person responsible for leading the day. Instead we invite you to take turns to prepare and run a session during the event and receive immediate feedback on your ideas from your colleagues. You may be looking to improve on some existing methods you use – you may want to try something completely new. However you choose to play, it’s up to you.
This is being run as a not for profit event, you only pay to cover costs. The event will take place in historic Greenwich, London and we want to make it residential so we have some social time together as well. We estimate the cost will be around £250 per person, and we require a deposit payment from you now of just £50 to secure your place. We hope you can join us for a couple of days of useful fun to kickstart the New Year.
If you are free and would like to take part, please book here.

The Power of Personal

I’m tidying my desk – how totally rock n roll is that! I’ve found this photo (taken at Reading Rock Festival with hangover in full effect) sent to me many years ago by Paul McEvoy, who is sadly no longer with us. On the back of the photo is a handwritten poem:

Another day, another year

I’ve seen you laugh and shed a tear

They say that time waits for no man

So have your fun while you still can

What’s done is done, don’t look around

Keep your hopes up high, your feet on the ground

But whatever the future might send

Don’t forget that you’re my best friend

Happy Birthday – love Paul

I’ve also found some wonderful coupons that Keira made for me last year, here is one of them.

Hug Coupon

It’s so easy to be in touch electronically that we sometimes forget the power of the personalised, handwritten note. I sometimes send people things in the post. Sketches, notes, little gifts, nothing major, just small things that are all part of the importance of keeping in touch. And often I’ll get an appreciative call from someone who has received something I’ve posted to them, and I’ll remember the power of personal.

I wonder if you can find the time to drop someone a hand written note in 2013?

Happy New Year.