I wasn’t going to write today. Instead I was going to do some other work – make a few calls, hustle a little and perhaps knock off early. My nice shiny new iMac had other ideas however – and I’ve just spent 3 hours 20 minutes on the phone to Apple while together we have tried and failed to get the $%@king thing working properly. I hate it when new hardware won’t play ball. I hate it even more when it is intermittent, either break or work damn you!

Today’s intentions are a bit out of whack, and it is tempting to just down tools and sod off down the pub. But let’s face it – that beer isn’t going to taste as good as it should after the morning I’ve had. So instead – I’m just going to go and grab a sandwich and start the day again. I’m going to persevere.

A few of you may know that Joe Gerstandt and I have a poetry thing going on over at Facebook just now. This week, we’re turning our poetic minds towards ‘Perseverance’. I penned this little offering yesterday and in view of how today has gone so far, I think it is timely to share it with you. And if you would like to join in our poetry game – look me up on Facebook and let’s play.

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

2 thoughts on “Perseverance”

  1. Discovery

    I couldn’t see my way
    There was no path
    I lost hope

    I lay down amongst the tangled undergrowth
    And waited for it to end
    It was a thorny bed and I couldn’t sink it to it
    I was forced to turn, shifting myself around to find a little relief midst
    my weary hopelesness, “just a few minutes of peace”.
    The discomfort of the thorns became more pressing than the need to give way
    For what seemed like a never ending painful numbness, I turned and tried to find a space more comfortable.
    Then one day I saw a small clearing
    I dragged myself up and grudgingly crawled towards it
    It felt too hard, I couldn’t get there.
    I wished someone would carry me away
    I carried on crawling, I felt like I was carrying a stone around my neck, I had to dig deep for every clenched movement.
    One night resting, my dreams returned
    I woke up and felt there may be a small possibility
    During the night, I had inhaled something that was fragrant and reviving
    It was hope
    I walked a little taller, as hope gently breathed itself into my dark places
    Something shifted, little by little the stone got lighter, I persevered when hope returned and allowed it to carry me when the path felt too difficult.

    I’m still in the forest, but instead of being lost I discover

    We endure, we persist, we suffer, we experience joy, we love, we are lost, we are found.

    Hello Doug, having a lovely catch up with blogs and as always your blog offered something different to wake me up. I have an antipathy towards Facebook so I have written something here because you made me think.

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