7 thoughts on “Employee Engagement – Want to Play?”

  1. Doug, a former employer once asked a very successful lawyer what she looked for when hiring attorneys into her firm. He was very focused on success indicators such as the school they attended, grades, etc. and I think he was a bit surprised by her response:

    “I look for people who give a damn.”

  2. Too bloody right – I worked for Wellcome in the 1970’s – it was poorly managed, but excellently led by today’s HR competency standards. There were no exhortations to employee engagement on the walls and people did what they thought was right. The company would have been considered shambolic by modern standards, but won 4 Nobel Prizes for its work. Other drug companies would probably kill their grandmother to win one.

  3. I also think it is rather sad that we have to have an employee engagement ‘programme’. It’s a reflection of the state we’ve got ourselves into that we have to tell people how to run a successful, sustainable business simply by getting the best from their people. It amazes me that anyone would get anywhere near managing a team of people without ‘getting’ engagement.

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