Guilty Pleasures

We don’t seem to get many super sunny scorchio summer days in the UK, so when we do I think it’s time to break out the shorts. I’ve never been a fan of dress codes (this earlier post on the subject drew a lot of comment when first published) and I think it’s daft that so many men boil, toil and sweat their way through a hot day in the city. Women readily take the opportunity to dress in a way that helps them stay cool, why don’t we? When I wear shorts it seems to coincide with plenty folk giving me sideways glances and having a laugh at me – and I’m fine with that 😀 After all, I’m not the one sitting their sweating buckets, which trust me ain’t such a great look in itself kids.

Gucci Manbag

Something else that seems to cause a fuss is my old faithful Gucci manbag, I splashed out and bought this little beauty many years ago. I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that I paid £385 for it (ouch), even though I’ve like, used it loads and if I’d bought a cheaper one it would have worn out and I’d have to buy another and that would be like, more expensive in the long run. 8 years old, that works out around £48 a year, and falling 😉 Whatever, it’s a bag, I put my stuff in it and I like it.

Maybe it’s the heat that makes me go a bit doolally and favour slightly less usual attire, but surely I can’t be the only one….can I?

8 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. I had this discussion with a chum; she buys the cheapest washing machine she can get and basically chucks it out after about three years (four kids, a lot of washing). I buy the best I can afford and they last about fifteen years. I work out I spend quite a bit less.
    I don’t care what people wear as long as they’ve made an effort for themselves. That might mean shorts and a special display of a tattoo for some, or an especially sharp suit, or a frock for a bloke and a little fake facial fluff for a bird. Whatever makes you feel good will make you look good and create energy.
    Oh Doug, I need to stop reading your blog and get on with my work. Goodbye.

    1. Thanks. In response I say Miele 🙂

      I pretty much don’t care what people wear but I think I’d draw the line at, say a mankini? *barf* 😀 Do like your point about feeling good and creating energy ta.

  2. @Mervyn – yes I will do, and if it can be afforded then I think your plan works.

    @Peter – good point. And it was great to meet you yesterday I enjoyed our conversation enormously. See you again soon.

  3. I used to work for an entrepreneur who really didn’t care what anyone thought. His office was in a high end building in a high end business area. EVERYONE wore suits except our office. The contrast of our shorts, t-shirts, and sandals against all the serious, serious suits always amused me.

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