A lot is said about authenticity. Over breakfast this morning, Meg Peppin suggested to me that authenticity isn’t something you talk about, it’s something you do.

I like that, and I like it even more when it’s done with a side order of humility.

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Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

4 thoughts on “Authenticity”

  1. Doug, Forgive my pinch of cyncism, but over the years we have been through enrichment, empowerment and engagement in terms of how to lead and motivate people. Now we seem to have run out of “E”s and started back at “A with authenticity.

    I know it is all meant well, even earnestly by those espousing it, but it feels like another lapel badge the wouldbe leader can pin on and keep dropping into conversation. The being that if you say it often enough others will believe it.

    This comment tends to support Meg, but I still prefer to believe that the best leaders have IT ie Integrity and Trust. Both are earned the hard way and lost easily so need peprpetual nurturing and protection. Anything along these lines from the conference – or are they too unsexy?

  2. @Ian. I agree. Very unhappy to do so, but the longer I work the more cynical I get. Now is that age? Judging by the goings on in the Public Accounts committee each week it’s unbelievably dispiriting.
    The Beeb, the police, the MPs, the press, the banks, the utility companies.
    And the ultimate irony is that the ‘sword of truth’ Margaret Hodge has the dodgiest work history of the lot. Her tenure at Islington council was dogged with controversy by her failure to acknowledge a terrible child abuse scandal in her borough. She later accepted the role as Minister for Children under Tony Blair. The chutzpah!

  3. Not sure that authenticity is something you do but it is something you are “awarded” by others for being open, honest and having integrity (amongst other stuff). So I’m with Ian on this but as for Cynicism, we have only just gone back to A so you can’t throw C’s in yet!!

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