In the Kitchen

Do you like to cook? I do. I enjoy taking the time to select an interesting recipe idea, gather and prepare the ingredients, and bring them together into something I hope the diners will appreciate. Sure – it would be easy just to grab whatever is in the cupboard and throw it all together in a hurry. That works….sometimes.

Today I’m in the bloggers kitchen, carefully going through all the Carnival of HR submissions and trying to get the ingredients in the right order, the right mix. It can be a time consuming job being a curator, and I think it is important to give it time. I chose the recipe, ‘Beginnings’, and the cooks and chefs have each given me an ingredient to play with. The simple thing to do would be to let each contributor choose their own recipe – and just throw everything together and hope for the best. That works….sometimes.

I’ll see you tomorrow at the Carnival. For now – here’s a taste of the beginnings of modern music, courtesy of Pentatonix, spotted by Kate Griffiths-Lambeth

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