A letter to you

Dear you

It’s 10.30 am and we’ve only just finished breakfast. Coughs and colds abound and the mood is light and playful. A few work tasks need completing, I’ll get to those in a minute. For now I just wanted to share two things. The first is a silly game Keira has just played with us. It looks like this:

Doug. Dumb. Octopus like. Understanding. Great.

Carole. Crazy. Arty. Right. Observant. Loveful. Exciting.

Keira. Kangaroo like. Epic. Incredible. Reasonable. Adorable.

Shaw. Smart. Hugging. Arts. Wacky.

You might like to have ago yourself, feel free to post the results here if you do.

The second thing I’d like to share is a thank you. Over the past few days I’ve been amazed by how many people are in my thoughts. How much support and greatness and kindness you’ve shared. With me. With each other. These are of course tears of joy, not sadness.

Thank you. Merry Christmas. See you in 2012.

Love from Doug

7 thoughts on “A letter to you”

  1. What a great game. You are never short of these sparking and waking up ideas. I can see Keira playing a major role in your inspiration ever since I’ve started to read your blog last Christmas Doug. I have really missed it a lot in last couple of months and hope to be more consistent reader in new year.
    Very happy Christmas to you and your Family

    1. Always a pleasure to have you visit Peter. Likewise enjoy your Christmas and I’m hoping to encourage Keira to play a more active part in 2012 – we can learn a lot from kids if we choose to.

      Cheers – Doug

  2. Decent Opinions Usually Good, Some Have Actual Wisdom!

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to 2012 and whatever that may bring too.



    1. Chris. Considerate. Humourous. Rebel. Invaluable. Special.

      Wishing the very same to you and yours Chris, thanks for being here in 2011 see you in the future 🙂

  3. Dude Outstandingly Unconditionally Giving. So Happy and Wise.

    Big Love to you and your Dude’ess for Christmas, 2012 and beyond. You’ve had an amazing and profound impact on my life this year.

    You rock and I love ya : )

  4. Sarah – inspirational, energetic, colourful – or in my husbands words – ‘parroty’ which means I have two modes – completely asleep or completely awake (like someone has taken the tea towel off the top of my cage), I’m colourful and lively.

    Have a great Christmas Doug, Carole and Keira and thanks for your inspiring, thought provoking and honest blogs.

    Good luck for 2012

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