What is Love? By Keira

Anthony Allinson recently published a post titled, ‘Does Love Have a Role in the Workplace?’ It’s fascinating stuff and the post and resulting comments (declaration of interest alert – one of them was written by me) are well worth a read.

A few days after I read Anthony’s blog, Keira handed me this sheet of paper.

What is Love

It’s a set of I <3 badges, with the gaps filled in by Keira. We spent time looking at it together and then Keira asked if I would post it for you on her behalf. There’s a whole load of loveliness on the page and I encourage you to click the image above and take a look at a full size version. Keira would love to know which ones you like best and what would you add to your own page?

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

12 thoughts on “What is Love? By Keira”

  1. Fantastic idea!
    Keira, of course, I like the I <3 teachers best.
    Instead of France I would put England and Ireland.
    I also <3 baking, sunshine, smiles, chocolate and sleeping.
    A big hug from Germany!

  2. I like the I <3 my family and friends

    On my page I would have

    The beach
    The sound of the sea
    Hearing my children laugh
    New Zealand

  3. Such a brilliant post Keira! Especially love the ones about Mum and Dad!

    Mine would say, I love…
    The quiet times
    The taste of lavender honey
    Sitting by a roaring fire with both our cats on my lap!

  4. Hi

    I wondered why the blog was getting so many hits this morning. I think its fair to say that I love numbers and graphs, more than is normal 🙂

    When I started what I still call my new job two years ago I was a surprisingly gloomy. I wrote a list of all the people I love in some way or another. It was quite a long list and cheered me up immensely.

    I will link Keira’s post back to mine so it can form part of that extremely interesting comment stream, That kept me awake on Tuesday from 0300 – 0500 but in a good way.


  5. Keira you are a girl after my own heart. I would definitely include a lot of the same things, particularly, swimming, London, food, baking, camping, and make-up!

    I think I would also include Wales (or Cymru, perhaps) and maybe extend a love of guinea-pigs to all our furry friends. I like Meg Peppins’ additions too – I love the sound of the sea, and rain on a window, and even the dishwasher. All water. I suppose triathlon could get a look in too.

    My favourite is ‘I love everyone who supports me in what I do’. Well said Keira. Me too.

  6. It makes you smile just reading this all….
    Keira – loving your responses.

    I’m going to add ( in no particular order):
    The smell of freshly cut grass & the smell of an orange when you first peel it
    Family, friends and connections
    Bad dancing to good tunes
    Laughing a LOT ( especially giggling)
    A really tasty bacon roll
    A hot bath on a cold night ( with a good book even better)

    Thank you thank you thank you. By remembering what I love, I’m all lifted and smiley


  7. I think they’re all great.
    My favourites are “being unique” and “everyone who supports me in what I do”.

    Mine would include:
    sitting round a campfire with friends
    standing on top of a mountain on a sunny day
    walking in the countryside at dawn
    helping others to succeed
    a cup of tea

    And thanks for causing me to stop and reflect in an otherwise hectic day.


    1. Hi Mark thank you very much and I definitely would have included helping others to succeed, it’s a shame I didn’t think of it but luckily you did. Thanks again, Keira

  8. Hi everyone thank you so much for your positive comments. I’m glad it made a good start to everyone’s day and I hope it’ll stay in everyone’s minds for a bit even if you can’t see it all the time. Thanks again, Keira.

  9. Hi Keira
    I love teachers. Well, one in particular. Mr Briggs, head of music at the Cotswold school…..the rest I can take or leave. So that’s my favourite badge of yours. Although I sometimes might like a badge that says, ‘I find teachers teachers really annoying’. Well, one in particular. Mr Briggs, head of music at the Cotswold school….

    thanks for the post!

  10. Well lets start with LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

    So Keira – the one’s I LOVE in particular are ‘everyone who supports me in what I do’, ‘My life’ and ‘being unique’.

    the joy and passion that comes from loving who we are and what we do is contagious – the support of friend, family and those around us helps us soar to the stars and cope with an y hiccups along the way.

    I would add to this my dog (I don’t have guinea pigs) and the way that no two people are the same. Each day I love working and meeting people from different backgrounds, of all ages and places. Learning from each of them along the way makes me do me better.

    Thanks for sharing the love and helping my day get off to a great start


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