The Simplicity of Leadership

I’ve just filled another pocket note book. I often use little Moleskine pocket books because they fit, in my pocket and in my manbag.  My manbag continues to divide opinion, as it has done since the day I bought it several years ago. Last week two women admired it, and one just laughed, she couldn’t believe I was happy to be seen out and about with it. Where else am I supposed to put all my stuff?

Anyway, back to the pocket book. I like these little note books because they are handy for capturing thoughts and ideas, and enjoyable to flick through and recall moments in time. Some of these are moments shared with my family, little drawings and scribblings, and some are other moments of inspiration and purpose, caught as part of a conversation.

I was on the phone speaking with Lucy a few months ago. She is bright, energetic and a very uplifting person to speak with. We were discussing leadership and Lucy was suggesting that most leaders tend to overcomplicate things. Among the things Lucy and I have in common, is a desire for simplicity. “So what do you expect from a good leader then?” I asked. “I expect a leader to be realistic about where we are and clear about where we are going”, came Lucy’s reply.

I drew breath, ready to reply with “I like that”, or similar. Lucy must have sensed I was about to say something pointless because she added, “Good leaders don’t just say it, they mean it, and they do it.” Simple eh? And of course, simple isn’t always easy.

The conversation finished shortly afterwards. I captured these things Lucy said and popped them in the Moleskine. Now I share them with you. Thanks Lucy. In turn I’d appreciate it if you could share with us, what you think good leadership looks like, feels like, does like.

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

5 thoughts on “The Simplicity of Leadership”

  1. In my humble opinion, good leadership is about choosing the right strategy and being passionate about it. Clear direction blended with passion is a great motivator as long as your people become an active part of the solution rather then being swept along by it.

  2. Comunication
    leads to Clarity
    leads to understanding
    leads to Committment

    so I expect my leaders to TALK to me and tell me where they are leading me and then to evidence that (so I can see it) with their actions, so that I may understand it and give it my full committment.

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