Leadership – Think Small

Here’s a question for you. “What’s the least I can do today to make a positive impact?”

I ask this question a lot. Not to encourage folk towards laziness, but rather, to help understand the impact of the little things we can do. How do people answer? Smile, say thank you, acknowledge someone. Small, important things.

Yes strategy, vision, big ideas, they all have their place.

And often it’s the small things that connect us, that differentiate us, that people remember.

Think small.

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

2 thoughts on “Leadership – Think Small”

  1. Do you know what my little thing is? Curtseying. Yes, I’m on a one woman mission to bring back the curtsey and the bow. If someone holds a door open for me or lets me past at work then curtsey I do.

    Ok it’s an icebreaker, people smile, sometimes even chuckle, and even stop for a chat. I increased the size of my network and gained better relationships with people at work by curtseying. I highly recommend it.

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