Preferred Learning Methods

As part of our work with Careergro we’ve been asking companies and people about their preferred methods of learning. This is part of some wider research on career development more of which we’ll share soon, but for now seeing as we’re at the CIPD HRD event, we’d like to share a little of what we’ve seen so far. We’ve had replies so far from 24 companies and 53 individuals, and we asked ‘what are your company’s/your preferred methods of learning and development (please choose all that apply)?’.

Preferred Learning Methods

I showed these figures to Rob Jones who suggested that a reason why further study rates better among employees than employers, might be that the results transfer easily to the CV? And I found the figures for networking disappointing, perhaps the mix of learning and beer isn’t conducive to great post event recall? And training courses remain popular, more so with employers than employees. Is there something here about containment, and ‘we’ve seen you do it ergo you are trained’, perhaps?

I’m interested to know what other thoughts and ideas these numbers provoke so please don’t be shy 🙂

Meantime, the surveys remain open and you can complete the employer one here and the employee one here. They are short, and we mean short. The survey takes no more than three minutes so please take part and help add to this study.

Author: Doug Shaw

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2 thoughts on “Preferred Learning Methods”

  1. we have a 3 E’s model – 10% education (as it has been proven by research to not create much post event change), 20% exposure (shadowing, mentoring, reading) and 70% experience

    1. Nice! You are right about the lack of post event action/change…..anything much. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how to make education lead to deeper thinking and more doing so your model is timely and helpful – thanks Tamsin.

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