Easily Broken

I’m giving a short talk on meditation at the Workplace Trends conference in London next week. Increasingly I’m making time to develop and use my art as a way of preparing visual aids in my work. Most of the visuals in next week’s talk are hand drawn and painted and I’m sharing one element of that with you now. Part of the talk focuses on human fragility in an emotional context. I designed this cutout – which I’ve titled Easily Broken – to illustrate this. My friend George LaRoque told me he likes the design so I’m going to give it to him when I see him in Paris soon.

I decided to develop the idea a little further and the one piece of art has now become a triptych. I added red, possibly to symbolise lifeblood, into version two, and then in version three I went darker. I hardly ever use black paint and on this occasion I wanted to stay with the monochrome of the cutout pieces. As you can see – I put a couple of the cutout pieces out of sync in this third version.

Easily Broken - V1
Easily Broken – V1
Easily Broken - V2
Easily Broken – V2
Easily Broken - V3
Easily Broken – V3

While mixing the acrylic for V2, this paint flower briefly appeared on the palette. I photographed it before it disappeared into the mix and I’m including it here as it too was easily broken.

Paint Flower
Paint Flower

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