Edge of Glory : Revisited

A few weeks ago, I made a piece of art titled Edge of Glory. I painted it in response to this invitation:

Get to the highest point you can, either in your house or office or school or outside, wherever you are. Look as far as you can. Draw what you can imagine there – be as fantastical as you like. Or realistic. Look out and imagine who might be standing there looking back towards you.

Edge of Glory became part of the free art project. It attracted a lot of attention at the time, and I was pleased to be commissioned to make another.

As you can see, I made two versions, and invited the person who commissioned the work, to choose their favourite. They opted for the one on the left.

I had intended to sell the one on the right too, then I met someone after my recent talk on the Art of Resilience, who spoke very movingly about the recent death of his father. I had the painting with me at the time, and felt compelled to offer it as a gift. It was accepted.

I’ve recently had some calling cards made, and I chose to include the original Edge of Glory in the set.


This is a design I enjoyed coming up with, and I enjoyed reprising it too. I can see this being revisited in different colour palettes too.


One thought on “Edge of Glory : Revisited”

  1. Edge.

    First, a clambering: seeking out the vantage point.
    And then, steadying a moment, and looking out
    In search of what was there, and what things meant,
    Till suddenly, despite each nagging doubt,
    The sky unfolds recessive blues,
    Gives way to something yet beyond, and deeper in,
    Which pulls him, thumping heart and straining sinews through
    Toward a place that seems it’s all aflame, and summoning.
    And there he stands awhile consumed in fire
    Until the edge at last recedes, and turning back again
    He looks at those who there of him inquire:
    And he in answer makes from flame a means to salve each hurt, each pain.

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