Silver Birch

A group of us took a country walk through parts of Sussex recently. We started and ended in Fernhurst and walked for around nine miles up and around Blackdown and The Temple of The Wind. We encountered all kinds of scenery, lots of woodland, and some spectacular views up on Blackdown.

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After we returned home I took my new set of pencils and made a sketch of some silver birch trees. I learned from my previous sketch and deliberately made the picture much less busy. I also framed the picture differently within the A4 page – longer and thinner than the previous desert landscape sketch.

Silver Birch Trees in Spring

The finished image is quite pale (I’ve struggled to take a decent photograph) and I like it. The composition works well in the shape and size of the frame and I think I’ve managed to stop before making the drawing too full – I hope there’s still some room for your imagination. This drawing has been given to a friend.

Silver Birch Trees in Spring

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