Print Proofs

A few people have suggested that I should make a few of my works available as prints. This is something new for me – pretty much everything I’ve made so far has been one offs. I tried a couple of local printers and I couldn’t get the results I wanted – somehow the textures got lost in the scanning/reproduction process. I parked the idea for a while, until I remembered a friend runs a framing/printing gallery in Brighton, called The Frame Factory. I went to see my friend Polly, and left three original art works with her.


These samples/proofs have just arrived in the post. I’m delighted with how good they look so I’ve placed an order to have some finished prints run off. Once I get them delivered, I’ll make them available in my Etsy shop as limited editions. They’ll be hand finished in some way – haven’t decided quite how yet. Watch this space…

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