Lonely House

I watched a video tutorial by Matt Forster recently. In it he talks about and demonstrates the technique of wet on wet watercolour.

I found myself in a hotel bedroom last night, having spent the afternoon at the funeral of a dear friend’s father. I’d had a few drinks at the somewhat extended wake and I had Matt’s video in my mind, but I didn’t have any water colour paint with which to practice! Instead – I put water onto a postcard and then sketched over it in pencil. I let the background dry and then added the hill and the house.

The sketch has a little more to it in real life, in places the pencil has built up in layers as I went over and over a few parts, alternating pencil and water. It’s a little something and nothing post wake drunken spurge, and I quite like it.

Lonely House

Art for Work’s Sake

This post is some slides and thoughts from a recent workshop I facilitated where people were invited to use basic artistic methods to think differently about work and leadership. It was a free flowing session which people said they enjoyed and got a lot from.

Here is a review of the session put together using Slideshare.

I hope you find this approach interesting and useful and if you would like me to help you do things differently at work – please drop me a line at doug.shaw@wgalimited.com – let’s talk.

Developing Art For Work’s Sake

The Past

I facilitated another Art for Work’s Sake session in Milton Keynes a few days ago, and it went down a storm. Something that really interested me about the session was how we enabled a mixture of conversation and emergent thinking and action to develop around a framework, albeit a loosely structured one. We also cocreated a safe space in which to talk, work and experiment which certainly helped.

The Present

Here is some of the learning from recent Art for Work’s Sake sessions, pulled together for you in a SlideShare. I hope this stuff is helpful to you, feel free to download and play if you would like.

The Future

I can also confirm that I am off to Chicago again in the Autumn. I will be delivering an Art for Work’s Sake session for the people at the Illinois 2014 Society for Human Resource Management conference, with my co facilitator, Joe Gerstandt. I’m hugely excited about the work itself and about collaborating with Joe. Joe and I have been in touch for a good while now – patiently impatient – looking and waiting for a chance to do something epic. We haven’t rushed it – we’ve kept in touch – we’ve shared the good and bad in the process. And we are now ready to serve. More details on this soon.

And if that wasn’t enough, I received confirmation from Ohio over the weekend that I will be heading their way in September to do likewise. I love the way that the HR community is responding so positively to this creative and artistic way to improve the way we work.

I’ve received a lot of requests to run further sessions. Even though I am London based I’m very happy to travel to help spread the word, I think this work, this use of artistic practice to make work better, is important. So if you’d like me to come to your town or workplace – drop me a line and let’s talk.

And finally, to celebrate the great start to 2014, we are giving away our 2014 tour t shirt, a copy of the very excellent book, 101 Things To Learn In Art School, by Kit White, and a set of Stop Doing Dumb Things cards. We have three sets to give away. To win, all you have to do is leave a comment on the blog and say you’d like to go into the draw. We’ll draw the winners at random in a few weeks and then get in touch to ship your goodies to you.

Prize Draw