Lightweight Nerd

Travelling Light

When I used to time trial on my bike I was a fully paid up weight weenie, a nerdy type who obsesses about how light the bike and components can be (whilst in my case also continuing to stuff cake down his throat after every race). This afternoon I travel to Belfast to get ready for a day of interesting work and meetings. I’m travelling with Flybe who have an extremely Scrooge like baggage allowance of only 10kg included in the ticket price.

Cue a revisit to weight weenie ville.

I’m almost proud to say I’ve just spent the past hour and a half weighing my travel bag and contents to ensure I don’t fall foul of the weight police later on today. Here’s the lowdown on pretty much everything I’m taking with me, sadly I know this info will appeal to some of my more geeky/OCD mates, he he.

Travel Bag: 2,150g

Lightweight Shirt: 165g

Trousers: 435g

Pants ‘n’ Socks: 240g

Marker Pens: 105g

Ipad and Stylus: 875g

Mini Paint Set: 100g

Netbook, Mouse, Memory Stick and Charger: 1,700g

Toiletries: 650g

Lightweight Shoes: 540g

So it turns out I’m gonna boss the weight allowance, yay! If you were me, what else might you pack for this two day trip? Whatever it is I hope you have a fun, nerdy week ahead too.