Own it, Dump it, Be it.

There’s already a load of great content coming out of yesterday’s Stop Doing Dumb Things unconference here, courtesy of Martin Couzins.

Here are three things that have popped into my head and onto the blog, as a result of my observations since yesterday:

1. Take Responsibility and dooooo something

Yeah I know – we need leaders to lead, and if only they did this and that everything would all be so much cooler than it is now. Stop waiting for your leaders to get their shit together and lead yourself. You can remember how to do stuff, right?

2. Dump Barclays

Neil Jervis wondered if the status quo would only change when customers desert a company in droves. Well here we are one day on from the unconference and Barclays Bank has handed you a reason to leave them, on a plate. They’ve been screwing their customers through manipulation of interest rates for years. So don’t bank with them anymore. There are better financial institutions out there. Show Barclays and others that you give a damn, and dump them, now!

3. Being human matters

Time and time again, we came back to how important it is to be treated with a little respect. To be listened to, to know your colleagues at least a little way beyond their employee ident number. The most powerful take away for me from a day like yesterday is simply high quality, human interaction. Fun, frustration, smiles, humility, just being human.

If you were at the unconference – what might you add to the list? And if you weren’t, what’s on your mind right now? Fancy sharing it?