What makes a community work?

Work out your purpose


Set goals

Be patient. And how! We seem to know that patience and persistence are important and yet so many folk feel disappointed when things don’t click and work – straight away.

Don’t meddle. I like this. There’s a world of difference between participating and meddling. Most work fails because managers don’t know when to get out of the way and let folks get on with it. Could the same be said for communities?

What’s a community? – Part Two

A community is conversations

A community is shared news and opinions

Since the advent of the online world, it’s no longer just geographical

A community is interactions. This struck a chord with me and reminded me of the time I spent with David Zinger and friends this summer.

High quality connections – choose to make contact, to say hello. David spoke about Jane Dutton, whose research focuses on how organizational conditions strengthen capabilities of individuals and firms.  In particular, she examines how high quality connections, positive meaning and emotions contribute to individual and organizational strengths. David said that his observations of how many (or how few) folks acknowledge and engage with a front desk in an organisation, tells him a lot about their high quality connections, and how it is around here. My friend Sukh Pabial wrote something about this which I consider to be recommended reading – you may want to take a look.

A community is about shared purpose. ConnectingHR gets a mention.

What’s a community? Part One

I’m experimenting again. Today I’ve been invited to Jamie Leonard’s reconverse event which is focussing on communities (so far with a heavy focus on talent and recruitment) and I’m having a go at live blogging. I think that’s a bit like tweeting, only slightly longer. Here goes:

What’s a community?

It’s a commercial network, see Brave New Talent in the UK as an example.

It’s groups in places like LinkedIn and Facebook, Beknown as an example.

It’s a company owned space, maybe for alumni?

More to follow soon…