Pending Approval

This morning I read a blog post about employee engagement. That in itself is not much of a surprise, the Engage for Success web site was launched this week and there’s a fair bit of commentary doing the rounds.

I left a comment on the blog post and was met with the disheartening words ‘your comment will be published pending approval’ or words to that effect. And that is intended to engage me how exactly?

It strikes me that involvement is something that tends to engage people, and I believe that being able to comment in the moment on a blog, is part of what makes good blogging. And when I am able to comment without moderation I feel more trusted for sure. Here’s something I lifted from the Engage for Success website – they call it an enabler for engagement:

There is employee voice throughout the organisations, for reinforcing and challenging views, between functions and externally, employees are seen as central to the solution.

I like the thinking behind this and to some extent I expect some organisations, particularly those larger, well established ones, may need and even appreciate a hand and a nudge in the direction of better ways to work. And for those of us who are perhaps somewhat less constrained by ‘the way we’ve always done stuff around here’, I think we can help serve these aspirations by being more accessible and more open.

For your every day blogger about town like me and many others, unmoderated comment is certainly immediate and whilst others clearly differ, I think it’s much more engaging too. And that’s kinda what this Engage for Success stuff is all about – isn’t it?

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