Not So Little Anymore

It’s Sunday, I’m at the desk doing paperwork and all that jazz. I’m quite glad to be sitting down because my legs are killing me after a fantastically exhausting and muddy mountain bike ride yesterday. Here’s some of what I’m up to today:

Drafting some marketing stuff for an event I’ve been asked to speak at

Kicking around a few ideas for a marketing meeting with a new client next week

Redrafting speaker biog stuff for more events I’ve been asked to speak at

Arranging to pay more taxes than I’ve paid before

Researching some ideas for a bunch of workshops coming up with another new client

Answering blog comments and realising that my blog has had more hits in January and February 2012 combined than in the first six months of last year

And it strikes me – this tiny little business that was started in the Summer of 2009, it’s not so little anymore. I’m embarking on new projects with associates – they are too big and diverse for me to handle on my own. And I’m seeing connections and opportunities developing from previous good work, to an extent I’ve not seen before.

Thanks to everyone I’ve learned from so far and everyone I will learn from. If I can do anything to help your little idea get a little bigger, call me. I’d love to help – I guess I should call it the What Goes Around principle.

What are you feeling thankful about today?



Surviving and Thriving. Community Wisdom

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on surviving and thriving. I invited folk to contribute their surviving and thriving thoughts and ideas, so that these could in turn, be shared with you. Eleven interesting people with interesting and useful things to say got in touch with me. Some I know well, some I know a little and some I’d not met before. The ideas shared encompass leadership, purpose and great learning.

And here they are, as promised, for you. Just click the front cover image to download your free Surviving and Thriving mini ebook. I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope you enjoy putting some of the ideas into action.

Surviving and Thriving Book Cover

Thanks to Terry Seamon, Hilary Jeanes, Karen Drury, Alison Smith, Shereen Qutob Cabral, Craig Althof, Bill Lamphear, David Zinger, Dorothy Matthew, Nigel Bird, Ian Sutherland, Beth Raymond and Lisa Sansom. I’m grateful to you all for taking the time and trouble to get in touch.