The Carnival is Coming to Town

Wow – is it that time of year already?! It sure is, and in a few short days the Carnival of HR rolls into town for its second visit here. Last year – the carnival landed around fireworks night and was right in the middle of the CIPD conference so I had an easy time picking the theme. This year it wasn’t so straight forward, but I’ve decided to go with ‘Beginnings’….wait for the tenuous link.

  • May 22nd 1906, The Wright Brothers are granted a patent for their Flying Machine
  • May 22nd 1980, Namco releases Pac-Man
  • May 22nd 1990, Microsoft releases Windows 3.0
  • May 22nd 2003, Annika Sorenstam becomes the first woman to play golf on the PGA tour in 58 years

So what have these got to do with HR? Well maybe not a whole lot, but they’re all beginnings and they all started on May 22nd, the day of the next Carnival of HR. So what I would like to know is – what new beginnings would you like to see? Maybe in the world of HR, maybe somewhere else. What do you think we should be doing that isn’t currently going on and/or doesn’t have enough focus yet? Maybe you’re about to embark on a new challenge? Who knows – but seeing as it is supposed to be Spring time around here (I know – brrrr!) then let your beginnings burst forth.

‘Well that’s all well and good Doug, but your theme is rubbish, doesn’t float my boat at all’ I hear some of you cry. I get that – so by popular demand the ‘Other crap we can’t be bothered to categorise’ theme is also running in the background. That way – if you don’t want to play to the carnival theme but you do have a post you’d like included – we can fit you in too.

If you would like to take part, please ensure you get your post link (just the link please, the original post stays at your place and I hook it in from here) to me at doug dot shaw at wgalimited dot com by Monday 20th May at the latest please. My plan is to draft up the Carnival around 8pm UK time on Monday evening and I’d hate to miss you out.

So – what are you waiting for – promote yourself to CEO and make some people focussed change happen. Looking forward to hearing from you.