photo c/o czoper

The Urban Dictionary defines headbanger thusly: A guy who listens to heavy metal while vigorously nodding his head up and down. Ideally throwing his long hair back and forth for added effect.

I’ve been to a few heavy metal gigs in my time (the Motorhead Merry Bastard Christmas bash in 1989 stands out as a quality affair) and though I often enjoyed the music and the atmos and all that, I define the act of headbanging itself as repetitive, painful and ultimately pointless.

Next week the employee engagement task-force group rolls into town again. As regular readers will know I’ve been blogging about my thoughts on this group since it emerged blinking into the light about ten months ago. For the brave among you this marathon starts here, then goes here and here before taking the summer off then reappearing here and here.

Many of you have already contributed to the engagement dialogue in previous posts and messages and you are of course welcome to comment and suggest further. I’ve tried to represent your comments and suggestions and feedback into the group. I’ve made specific offers of help to the group and vague ones too. So far – nothing concrete (or even vaguely solid for that matter) has emerged.

I may be wrong, I often am, and I’m going into next week’s session with a sense of impending headbanger. Don’t get me wrong, I still like Motorhead I’m just not sure I could manage a whole concert.

More to follow?